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Want some direction?

Beside Quiet Waters

slow down, be quiet & listen

Want some direction?

Three Steps to Beside Quiet Waters:

1. Slow Down

Find some time, just 10-15 minutes to start, and a place to be quiet and comfortable (a chair or sofa, even your bed), preferably by yourself.

Choose a Beside Quiet Waters recording, put on some headphones and press play.

2. Be Quiet

Take a few deep breathes, and relax. Look for any place in your body where you are feeling tension- take a few deep breaths and release that tension.

3. Listen

That’s all. Just listen.

If you find thoughts keep racing around in your brain, take another breath and let those thoughts go as you exhale.

When the recording is done, enjoy the stillness of the moment, and then when you’re ready, move on!


You’ll find the most benefit if you develop a habit of taking time to be quiet and listen every day. I think you will also find it helpful to listen to the same recording multiple times.

Some suggested recordings

Here are some of the more popular recordings that would be a great place to start: